Letting Go and Letting God” has been the most peaceful, yet stressful step I’ve taken on my walk with Christ. Contrary to the title of this blog post, I have to keep in 100 and let you know that “Letting Go,” becoming solely dependent on God is extremely difficult, BUT there is light at the end of this tunnel. When you “Let Go” you allow God to truly move into your heart and in doing so, open yourself up for blessings.

Testimony: When it came to the game of basketball on the professional level, it seemed like I always forced opportunity with a team, organization, etc. Countless times most recently, I was contacting a general manager or coach from spaces I felt God was moving me in with hopes of landing an opportunity; when I received replies that I did not expect or none at all at times, I grew even more weary, leading to anxiety and frustration.

As I continued to seek God with this issue, I learned that I had to immediately stop trying to control the life that HE DESIGNED for me. LET GO AND LET GODIt completely made sense. ‘Why try to control my own life? Dictate when the blessing is supposed to happen? where I want to play? GOD IS MY GUIDE. I need to submit my plans and follow his.’ 

Since truly “Letting Go” I have been blessed with an unexplainable joy that is in my heart from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep, knowing that God is working on my behalf. This is still a new space for me personally, so I’ve had minor bumps in the road of anxiety/worry, but this prayer below has helped me in every recent time of need: 


You know the desires of my heart and the dreams/goals that flow from within. You’ve blessed me with the skill of networking, but I want the opportunity that comes from YOU. I’ve worried and stressed enough trying to succeed in my own plans so TODAY I FULLY SUBMIT MY PLANS TO YOU. I will work hard continuously, but in the way that does not interfere with your timing! In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.

-Jordan Smith 
CEO, UFaith Hoops

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